Schedule for the Drug War Capitalism Conference at IU Bloomington, October 24-25, 2015

This conference is about the relationships between migrant labor, prisons, policing and the US sponsored ‘war on drugs’ in Central America, Mexico, and the US. Through a series of presentations and panel discussions by academics, activists, and investigative journalists, the event will examine the relationships between neoliberal capitalist development and counter-narcotics militarization and policing in Mexico and Central America, as well as the policing of migrant workers and poor people, especially people of color, in the US. It will involve three sets of presentations and discussions: one in the morning of Saturday, October 24 focused on the ‘war on drugs’ in Mexico and Central America, and one in the mid-afternoon of that day focused on macro-level analysis of the political economy of the ‘war on drugs.’ There will also be two film screenings on October 24. The final set of presentations and discussions will begin in the early afternoon of Sunday, October 25 and focus on the experiences of people involved in struggles against discriminatory policing and mass incarceration, and for just immigration and border policy in the US.

Featuring a keynote by Dawn Paley, author of Drug War Capitalism
at 3:30pm on October 24

Oct. 24, 10am – 9pm & Oct. 25 12pm – 4pm

Location: Informatics East 130

Free and open to the public, no tickets needed

Sponsored by Students Against State Violence, The College of Arts and Sciences @Work Fall 2015 Themester, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)

Panel One

10:00am, Saturday, October 24

“Mexico, Central America, and Borderlands” 

Dr. Jon Carter, Appalachian State University, “Narco-Finance and Prison Reform in Honduras: The Neoliberal War on Drugs”

Dr. Steven Osuna, California State University, Long Beach, “Global Manifest Destiny: Mexico’s ‘War on Drugs’ and Global Capitalism”

Todd Miller, Investigative Journalist and author of Border Patrol Nation: “Border Patrol Capitalism”

Dr. Wendy Vogt, IUPUI,Central American Migration and the Violence of Mexico’s Vertical Border”

12:30pm Lunch Reception 

1:00pm – 3:00pm Film Screening & Discussion

1:00p Dr. Andrés Guzmán, IUB: “Natalia Almada’s El Velador and the Violence of Narco-Capitalism”​

1:45p Film Screening: El Velador

Panel Two

3:30pm, Saturday, October 24

“Political-Economy of the ‘war on drugs'” 

Keynote by Dawn Paley, Investigative Journalist, Ph. d candidate at the Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, and author of Drug War Capitalism: “Drug War Capitalism”

Dr. Robert Aponte, IUPUI, “Drug War Scams, Immigration, Fatalities, & the Incarceration Nation”

Dr. Travis Linnemann, Eastern Kentucky University,Street Corner Battlefield: “Mexican Meth”, the rural midwest and the everywhere drug war”

Dr. Krista Latham, University of Indianapolis, “The Application of Forensic Archaeology to the Humanitarian Crisis in south Texas”

7:30p Film Screening & Discussion

 Bastards of the Party

Panel Three

12:00pm, Sunday, October 25

“Resistance to Drug War Capitalism in the Midwest”

12:00pm Dr. Micol Seigel, IU, “Beyond Militarization”

12:30pm Keith Lamar (Bomani Shakur), Ohio death row inmate, “The Great Deception”

1:00pm Indy10, “The Struggle of Being Black in Indianapolis”

Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance, “Undocuchallenges: education not deportation and unity of families”

Nick Mann and Dr. Floyd Banks,  Black Lives Matter NWI – Gary, War on the Working Class: How the Bosses’ “drug war” oppresses the Working Class and Moves Forward Imperialist War”

Moratorium on Deportations Campaign – Chicago, “How ‘citizenship’ creates-manages the threat of illegality”

Chicago Community Bond Fund, TBA

Black Lives Matter Cincy, “Our Moment in History: Mass Action Strategy and the ‘Black on Black’ Violence Myth”